COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Other Business Risk assessments are available if required.

COVID-19 Risk assessment: Coedmor Self Catering Holiday Cottages.

What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are we already doing to control the risks? What further action do we need to take to control the risks? Who needs to carry out the action? When is the action needed by?  

Person to person contact  Us and guests
 • Minimise contact between the two parties. 
 • All our properties are self-check in with key safe access.
 • Provide pre-arrival/departure pack for guests explaining procedures. 
• Contact guests after check in to ensure customer satisfaction and to answer any queries. 
• Ensure no guests are present during change overs
 • Any issues needing a maintenance visit to be arranged when guests are out of the property, where possible (unless in an emergency). 
• Provide guest information booklet on all aspects of the property. 

To minimise any visit required to the property. 
• Ensure all amenities packs are single packaged items. (Our Cleaning Welcome pack contains a microfibre cloth to be washed in with the laundry) everything else is disposable. 
 • Our welcome packs are pre - packaged at least 72 hours before arrival. 
• Illness during stay reporting procedure and useful contact numbers in the property. 

Cleaner/ Housekeeper not fit for work and infected with COVID-19 Could spread COVID 19 through cleaning the property
 • No staff.
 • We will routinely check our temperature and check for symptoms. If required self isolate in accordance with government guidance.

 Incorrect/ineffective cleaning materials used/ Cleaning regimes not recorded Not cleaning or sanitising the property correctly
 • Put a cleaning requirement document together, clearly stating what should be sanitised within the property for example. 
 • Touch points, door handles, banisters, surfaces bathrooms 
 • What should be disinfected, floors, walls 
 • Ensure all cleaning materials are clean and fit for purpose 
 • Create a COSHH file. 

 Dealing with a guest who is unwell or infectious outbreak in our property The spread of an infection outbreak
 • Place what to do if you suspect you as a guest are ill or have an infectious outbreak in the property, including relevant telephone numbers and actions required. 
 • Video/call the guests to clearly understand the situation and if the guests need to extend their stay and for how long
 • Build into your terms and conditions the cost and requirements if a guest has to extend their stay through illness or self-quarantine 
 • Build a relationship with fellow property owners to see if arriving guests can be relocated if original booking cannot be fulfilled due to guest illness 
 • Deliver clean linen and linen bag for guest to place used linen in (used linen to be left in the property). 
 • Deliver medicines, food supplies and extra cleaning materials to the outside of the property. 

Incorrect laundered bedding Bacteria not being killed off properly
 • Use Cotton/linen bedding and wash on a full 60-degree wash cycle. (Not a quick cycle). Or 40 degrees if dried in tumble dryer.  

Change over Clean Contaminated accommodation/ spread of COVID-19
 • All change over cleans can only be completed once guests have left the property 
 • Cleaner has declared fit for work • All protective clothing is available for the cleaner 
 • All cleaning/ maintenance procedures are adhered to and documented accordingly. 

 Legionella Infection of Legionella from standing water if the property has been lying empty
 • Flush the whole system for two minutes or more. First flush the toilet, then the kitchen taps and the hand basin taps then the bath. Run to two minutes to let both hot and cold-water pass through.
 • Flush the shower through, if the shower has not been used for two weeks or more, disinfect the shower head 
 • The showerhead should be removed, and the show run for two minutes. The showerhead should be disinfected before re fitting by immersing for at least an hour in Milton or equivalent. Shower heads should be disinfected at least 4 time per year. 
 • Finally let any other taps run for two minutes.          

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